Shigeki Tanaka Knives

Shigeki Tanaka Knives

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In the food industry, not only flavors are important, so does equipment and tools in the crafting of authentic dishes. In the world today, diners rarely chase for food without history – only dishes with authenticity and originality in the way they present their stories would stay and earn the culinary fame. Gourmets and cordon bleus tend to enjoy dishes with ‘rich culture’, where not only the final tastes of a dish determine its success, but also other important components.

Apart from the final flavors of delicacy and a slight dab of exoticness coming from raw ingredients fresh from sea, Japanese cuisine is famous for its eye-catching aesthetics, skills of the blade, and intricate food preparation processes. As most Japanese delicacies like those of sushi and sashimi menus require patience and understanding of all processes, from rice forming to seasoning, the skills of the blade is highly important. To live up to the attractive dish placements and Japanese food aesthetics, the mastery of the blades will determine whether or not a dish is worth trying at a glance. Paper-thin slices of perfectly prepared raw fish or even beautifully sprinkled balls of Caviar will definitely capture the hearts of diners in a second. Behind the Japanese food aesthetics is no other than the skills of a Japanese knife.

Although there are a plenty of Japanese knife brands out there in the market for professionals and beginners to try, only a selected few would truly earn the ‘trust’ and are considered top-tier and extraordinary knife brands of all time. Even for knife collectors, looking at which brand offers the best premium quality knives is essential – as most collectors not only look at the designs of these Japanese knives alone. Most cities in Japan are capable of making various tools and equipment; however, the city of Miki is where Shigeki Tanaka knives are forged.
Shigeki Tanaka and his small crew of talented employees handcraft and hand-forge a variety of knife types with the Japanese traditional knife forging techniques that have been present for almost a decade. Handed down from generations to generations, the mastery of the knife skills Shigeki Tanaka owns continues to push forward more knife series made out of high-quality steels with hardness of high value HRCs. Most Shigeki Tanaka knives are highly recommended and widely used by many European ‘Michelin-Star’ chefs and culinary experts. With this being a strong guarantee for those who look for quality Japanese knives to practice all the techniques, Shigeki Tanaka is absolutely a great choice to start off with.

Shigeki Tanaka knives are special and unique;

Most knife models feature premium steels like Aogami No.2 Blue steel which offers excellent edge retention, rust resistance, wear resistance, and extreme blade hardness to prolong the lifespan of the blades. As toughness and durability are two important components to look in a quality Japanese knife, Shigeki Tanaka knife lovers can absolutely confirm and guarantee the fact that all knife models really aid in all intricate cooking processes Japanese cuisine requires. Handle materials vary from series to series here at Shigeki Tanaka, featuring high-end quality wood and other materials to match knife types accordingly.

Users will be extremely surprised and satisfied at Shigeki Tanaka’s knives’ top-rate cutting performance and efficiency. With no doubt, this brand is among the leading, top Japanese knife brands with high efficiency, hard steels, high-end handle materials, edge retention, rust resistance, wear resistance, and even unique designs. Loved by knife users and even knife collectors around the world, Shigeki Tanaka’s knives are among the best and are trusted with continuous releases of quality blades.