The Tanemaki Dojo exists to follow the teachings of Dr. Maasaki Hatsumi Soke from Noda City, Japan. Our goals include having an active part in a positive martial arts community. Our focus is on the traditional Japanese unarmed and armed martial arts of self defense known as Budo Taijutsu. The martial arts are used as a tool for self-improvement in all realms.

Our dojo is noncommercial and noncompetitive. There are no contracts to sign.

The curriculum also includes the study of ancient traditional weapon arts such as:

Tantojutsu (knife arts) Kusarifundo (weighted chain) Sojutsu (spear arts) Kyujutsu (bow and arrows) Bojutsu (sticks and staves) Kenjutsu (sword arts) Naginata (halberds) Senban Nage (shuriken) Hojutsu (firearms) Suemonogiri and Tameshigiri (cutting arts) Kyoketsu Shoge (hooked dagger, cord and metal ring) Bo Shuriiken (throwing spikes)

Ninki (specialized weapons)
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